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Geordie Hyland interviews ACE alumna Nneka McGee

Dr. Nneka McGee and Geordie Hyland discuss Dr. McGee’s decision to join ACE, her journey at ACE and her expertise on artificial intelligence.

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Reverse Mentoring: Integrate Technology as a Student Teacher

More than ever before, student teachers can both learn from their cooperating teachers and be outstanding resources for technology integration. Student teachers now navigate through their experiences…

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Strategic Integration of Student Support Services

It would be easier if education was just a matter of teaching students things they don’t know, but, in reality, students at all levels often need advice, support, and skills training that goes…

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Leaders Coping with Workplace Stress Using Interpersonal Skills

Speaker: Dr. Sandra SuiterCoping with work place stress is real and especially relevant for leaders today. Not only does on-the-job stress affect leaders, it also has cascading effects on those…

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How to Find an E-Book in the ACE Library

Quick instructions on locating E-Books using the ACE Library. Please click the Download tab to download the transcript or a PDF tutorial. ** Updated 4/8/22

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Tour the ACE Library: Home Page

Brief introduction to the ACE Library home page and navigation menu. Please click the Attachments tab to download the transcript. **Updated 4/18/24

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Anti-bias Education: How to Value Differences and Challenge Unfairness

Making objective, thoughtful decisions is important in any setting, but research suggests that our ability to be objective is impacted by innate biases we may not even realize we hold. Anti-bias…

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Supporting Parents in Online Teaching

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A Teacher's Guide to Asking for Help

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