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Tour the ACE Library: Subject Guides

A quick tour of the Subject Guides in the ACE Library. Please click the Attachments tab to download the transcript. **Updated 4/26/24**

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Imposter Syndrome – How Do I Recognize It?

Speakers: Drs. Tetiana McLemore & Stephanie HinshawIn the 1970's, researchers Pauline Clance PhD and Suzanne Imes PhD came up with the term "impostor phenomenon" to describe the…

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Promoting Mindfulness in the Online Environment

Mindfulness and meditation can be difficult to conduct in a fully virtual environment. However, it is not impossible. The mindfulness can be applied to increase meditation practices, decrease stress,…

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Making Digital Learning Active and Interactive

There are a wealth of e-learning tools available, but how do you know which ones are the best for engaging your students? This session presents practical approaches for turning students into…

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Leading in an Online Environment – ACE Digital Toolbox Series

American College of Education provides an informational webinar focusing on Leadership in an Online Environment. To say that you’re busy is a significant understatement. That’s why…

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