• From Natalie Pelham

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    The episode is a conversation between two ACE leaders, Dr. Fawzia Reza and Dr. Audra Pickett. Fawzia and Audra discuss the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion…
  • From Natalie Pelham

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    It’s crucial for educators to understand and promote inclusive practices. This not only better welcomes students from different cultural backgrounds, but it helps…
  • From Natalie Pelham

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    How can an MBA degree change a career? We talk to three faculty members at ACE with MBAs – Dr. Crystal Neumann, Dr. Marc Aguilera, and Dr. Kelley Walters –…

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    This tutorial video shows how to access the required readings for a course.
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    Quick instructions for finding an article using the ACE Library. Please click the Attachments tab to download the full transcript or a PDF tutorial. ** Updated 4/5/22
  • From Meg Alexander

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    Quick walkthrough of how to search the ACE Library **Updated 4/1/22