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Next Steps: Library

Learn more about how to access the library and research resources.

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How to Access the ACE Library

How to get from Canvas to the ACE Library Home Page. Please click Attachments to download the full transcript or a PDF tutorial. **Updated 04/26/24**

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Assessing Students in an Online Environment

Speaker: Debbie HuffineHow do I know they have it? When can I move on? How do I know they are even in the room? These are all questions that Debbie has had to face and work to conquer. Let’s…

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The Type of Leadership We Don't Discuss but Need to: Toxic Leadership

Speaker: Stephanie Hinshaw According to several nationwide surveys, between 30-50% of Americans have worked for or are working for a toxic leader. Toxic leaders are leaders who engage in…

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Revamping Face to Face Lessons to Online

Ways to improve reaching young children and elementary children to enjoy, learn, and interact during virtual learning. Speaker: Dr. Kevin Dartt This webinar is a part of the Digital Toolbox Series

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