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Geordie Hyland interviews ACE alumna Nneka McGee

Dr. Nneka McGee and Geordie Hyland discuss Dr. McGee’s decision to join ACE, her journey at ACE and her expertise on artificial intelligence.

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How New Teachers Can Reach Students in All Learning Environments

What a roller coaster teachers have been on for the past 3 years! From having to move to a completely virtual learning environment to navigating hybrid settings and the need to engage students both…

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Integrated Social-Emotional Learning Activities

Social–emotional learning (SEL) continues to be a critical need for our students. Whether students are attending school in person or virtually or are following a hybrid model, SEL skills are…

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Assessing Students in an Online Environment

Speaker: Debbie HuffineHow do I know they have it? When can I move on? How do I know they are even in the room? These are all questions that Debbie has had to face and work to conquer. Let’s…

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Being There- How Instructors Make an Impact in Online Education

This webinar is a part of the Teacher Toolbox series partnership between ACE and Kappa Delta Pi. Presenter: Don Macon, Core Faculty at ACE

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Revamping Face to Face Lessons to Online

Ways to improve reaching young children and elementary children to enjoy, learn, and interact during virtual learning. Speaker: Dr. Kevin Dartt This webinar is a part of the Digital Toolbox Series

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Debbie's Story: Accelerating Your Career with ACE

Learn more about an ACE online Masters of Education by visiting our website: Plus, be sure to follow us on social media for more information on news,…

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Learners to Leaders (Webinar)

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