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Davion Jones, MSOL graduate

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College Support Services- Student Service Appreciation Month

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Strategic Integration of Student Support Services

It would be easier if education was just a matter of teaching students things they don’t know, but, in reality, students at all levels often need advice, support, and skills training that goes…

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Professional Development: Best Practices for College Faculty

The episode is a conversation between two ACE leaders, Dr. Fawzia Reza and Dr. Audra Pickett. Fawzia and Audra discuss the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professional development for…

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The Role of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Early Childhood and Beyond

It’s crucial for educators to understand and promote inclusive practices. This not only better welcomes students from different cultural backgrounds, but it helps all students develop more open…

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Teaching Diverse Students in Early Childhood Classrooms

This webinar is a part of the Teacher Toolbox Series partnership with Kappa Delta Pi. Speaker: Dr. Fawzia Reza

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Anti-bias Education: How to Value Differences and Challenge Unfairness

Making objective, thoughtful decisions is important in any setting, but research suggests that our ability to be objective is impacted by innate biases we may not even realize we hold. Anti-bias…

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