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How to Find Seminal Works

A walkthrough of ways to locate seminal works in ACE OneSearch, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Google Scholar databases. Please see Attachments for a full transcript and a PDF tutorial. **Updated 4/7/22

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How to Search Using Subject Headings

Explanation of subject headings including how and why to use them in searches. Walk through of subject headings search in two databases" Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) and ProQuest Education…

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How to Find an Article in the ACE Library

Quick instructions for finding an article using the ACE Library. Please click the Attachments tab to download the full transcript or a PDF tutorial. ** Updated 4/5/22

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The Type of Leadership We Don't Discuss but Need to: Toxic Leadership

Speaker: Stephanie Hinshaw According to several nationwide surveys, between 30-50% of Americans have worked for or are working for a toxic leader. Toxic leaders are leaders who engage in…

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Supporting Parents in Online Teaching

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